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Training Services.

I provide one-to-one training in your own home, using positive, motivational, modern training techniques. I try to attend as many seminars and conferences as possible to keep my knowledge up-to-date. The science of dog training is continually being updated and refined with the welfare of the dogs being of utmost importance. Training has changed dramatically in recent years and we understand far more now about how all types of animals learn. This knowledge and understanding can be used with our pet dogs to teach them in the most kind, fair and effective way possible.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, (MAPDT979) an internationally recognised training body and abide by their code of conduct. I use no tools or devices designed to cause pain or discomfort. These have been proven time and again to actually inhibit learning. Giving your dog the opportunity to make the right choice and using appropriate rewards is a far more humane and efficient way to teach them what we want them to do and how we want them to behave in our Human world. Its also far more fun for everyone involved!

Puppy Visits: For puppies under 6 months 

of age.

I offer 1-1 puppy visits in your own home. This can help you establish good habits for your puppy and set the foundations for how you want your adult dog to behave.

Puppy visits; 2 hrs; £80

A single home visit once your pup is home to cover any specific issues and common problems such as mouthing, toilet training, starting basic training and socialisation.

Post puppy Visits; 3-4 hrs; £120

Two home visits, the first ideally before you get your pup to ensure you are fully prepared, discussing how to cope in the first few days, establishing good habits and getting your pup off to a flying start. A second visit a week or so after you get your pup to go over how things are going, deal with any issues which may have popped up and start basic training and appropriate socialisation.

Puppy Package, 6hrs; £180

Three home visits, pre or post getting your pup to your preference. We will cover all aspects of training, common problems and any specific issues. 1 session should be after your pup is vaccinated and can go out in the big wide world to ensure you are getting appropriate socialisation opportunities and can encourage your pup to enjoy the world to the full.

Adult dog: For dogs over 6 months.

Basic Training: 2 hrs approx; £80

Single sessions covering basic training and any specific issues you may be having, such as recall, pulling on the leash and jumping up. This does not include behaviour problems such as unwanted aggression or separation problems.

Advancing Training Session; 1 hr approx, £60

For clients who have had a basic training session and would like another visit to brush up on skills, make sure things are going in the right direction or advance the basic training to a higher level.

Training package; 3 - 4 hrs approx time, £160

3 home visits, the initial consult and beginner visit plus two follow up advance visits.

Behavioural Packages;

Issues such as aggression towards other dogs or people, separation problems and guarding people or things can be potentially very serious. Sharing your home with a dog with these problems can be stressful and upsetting for the owner. Please call or mail me for a full confidential discussion of these specific behaviours. Please also be aware that a full veterinary check up with your own vet will be required before a behaviour consult as many of these issues can be made worse by underlying medical problems.