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Grooming services.

I offer bespoke grooming in the comfort of your own home, using only high quality shampoos and always with the welfare of your dog of utmost importance. I have 25 years of experience grooming dogs of all breeds. Due to the nature of in home grooming I am now only able to offer grooming to small to medium sized dogs. Many dogs have problems with being groomed, some with specific areas and some with the entire process! Through understanding, careful handling and low-stress techniques I hope to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your dog.  

Grooming prices;

Small Dogs - Yorkies, Maltese etc. Prices from £35.

Medium Dogs- Lhasa Apso, ShihTzu, Westie etc. Prices from £40

Large Dogs- Tibetan Terrier, Springer Spaniel etc. Prices from £45

Prices are based on a dog being groomed on a regular schedule appropriate to breed and with regular care from the owner.

Speciality Services;

Full Scissor: Bichons, Poodles, Poodle crosses. Prices start at £50

Full scissor will only be performed on dogs which are knot and matt free and booked in at a maximum interval of every 6 weeks.

Handstripping- Terriers, Spaniels etc. Prices start at £60

Handstripping will only be performed on dogs with suitable coats which have not previously been clipped.

Grooming Packages;

If your dog has problems with grooming I can devise a training plan to help desensitise your dog to the procedure. This may involve several visits without accomplishing a full groom in order to help your dog learn that grooming can be fun, or at least not awful! Your dog will decide on the pace of this procedure. This option will involve an initial consult and at least two follow up visits within a fortnight, depending on schedules. You, as the owner, will also be asked to be involved in the training and I will show you proper handling and brushing techniques to help your dog. Prices for this service depend on the type of dog, area and how many sessions are required to help your dog overcome his fears. Prices from £80.